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A Sci-Fi Comedy Like No Other


Would you like to be part of a launch for the second in a new genre? Be the first to read a ridiculously funny, grey chick lit Sci-Fi about the battle of the sexes?

Rebel Without a Bra is a novel yet to be seen, and yes it touches all the above bases with a caste of women you will love along with a dwarf and a robot who will make you laugh out loud.

Kerrie Noor is a comic writer, whose stories are set in Scotland and Rebel Without a Bra is the second in a series of Sc fi for women novels is no different.

Set in Glasgow; Edinburgh and beyond. Rebel Without a Bra tells the tales of women from another planet getting to grips with a planet that still allows men to rule.

Kerrie Noor is a writer for woman, she loves to create women with balls of steel who make you laugh, cry and feel good about the world.

If you’re interested, then Kerrie would welcome you on board her launch team for a ride of fun, fantasy with a little bit of Scotland along the way.

Welcome aboard if you dare?

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Tuesday, 25 December, 2018

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A Sci-Fi Comedy Like No Other
A Sci-Fi Comedy Like No Other
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A Sci-Fi Comedy Like No Other
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