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Book Giveaways is a simple to use and easy to browse book giveaway site for readers to find new books to share with their book loving friends it also gives authors the opportunity to host their books for giveaways with our new low-cost hosing option. Read this page for details on what Book Giveaways can do for you as well as details on how to sign up. 

Your Own Book Promotions Board

For authors, Book Giveaways is a great way to build a readers list. There are lots of ways to do this, most importantly: Advertise your cross promotions. Advertise your review copies. Advertise your book giveaways. Really, we are a one-stop book promotion site for authors. Find out how to run your own book promotions on Book Giveaways.

What's In Store For Authors

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Low Cost Book Hosting

Book Giveaways now gives you the chance to host your free books with us. Just click below for more information.



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