Ideas of What To Promote on Book Giveaways

Book Giveaways is ideal for advertising all your book offers and giveaways. Its your own book promotion board!

Here's some ideas to inspire you:

  • Your reader magnet free books (check our category for free books) and linking to an email capture page for reader list building
  • Highlight reviews with images of what readers are saying about your books
  • Show off book covers, for example they may want to add several images of covers and ask readers to vote for the best with a 'like' and you can see which cover readers respond to the most
  • Advanced Reader Copies ~ when your next book launches advertise it by giving ARCs. Two in one: You get reader subscribers and reviews.
  • Request for reviewers by showing off the cover and a description of the book
  • Exclusive book giveaways ~ see these examples
  • Your own cross promotion giveaways. Find out how to run an author cross promotion on Book Giveaways.

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