How To Get Onto Book Giveaways Home Page

Share and share alike ... the benefit will be the spreading and sharing of readers.

  • An author joins and tells their readers (via email and social sharing) about their pin, giving them their pin link (see ideas for pins)
  • Your readers click on  your link which increases your 'tracked views' and the Pins with the most views get promoted to the home page. Then, your Pin gets even more views from other readers who see your book offer or giveaway on our home page.

Most Viewed Book Giveaways

  • The Pins with the most views via our internal tracking device get fired up onto our home page!
  • Therefore with all authors telling their readers, the site is visited by a wider audience of readers who will see the authors books plus other authors books.
  • For example, Author A will tell their readers to check their 'Pin' in their monthly newsletter. Reader A will come along and see Author A's board and they may be interested in other books in Author A's genre. Thus the reader is looking around the site and seeing lots of books by other authors. So when Author B, C up to Z and beyond does the same, Author A gets the benefit or new readers.
  • The same goes for a cross promotion. See how to do giveaways and cross promotions. But essentially, when Author A runs a cross promotion, all the readers coming from the authors in their cross promotion come along and find new authors in that cross promotion plus the site's genres.
  • Any readers who subscribe to the site will see the author's pinned books and videos and may buy them or sign up to their mailing lists.

 In a word, the benefits of joining Book Giveaways is VIRAL sharing!

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