How To Add A Pin

If you've seen that you can run your own book promotions on Book Giveaways, you'll be keen to get started on set up your own 'book pins'.

After you have registered and logged into Book Giveaways, click the + Add red button on the menu.

You will see this ...

Add A Pin

  1. Click add a pin
  2. Click find images
  3. You will now be presented with options of all the images on the URL you added.
  4. Choose one by clicking the image.

You will now see 'Create Pin'

  • Add a title
  • Select which board you want the image to be posted on. Or type a name into the box to create a new board.
  • A new board will be created automatically according to the name you entered.
  • Describe the pin. For example, you may want to explain that this is a review copy. Use short,snappy sentences and not too many so readers can quickly see what your giveaway is all about.
  • Select a category
  • Choose a genre
  • Add the URL where the reader can download the giveaway
  • Hit save

Advanced Settings
If you want to add a discounted book, click on the 'advanced settings' when you are doing the steps above.
This will show you the price options. You can also select if your price is listed as dollars or pounds or any other global currency.

Visual Guide
If you have any problems, see the visual guide below. You could even watch the video as you add your first pin and pause at each step, but it is really so easy you probably won't need to do that ...

Giveaway Dates
Only enter dates if your giveaway has a specific closing date. For example, if you are running a book promotion for 2 weeks or a competition to win books and it closes on a certain date. Otherwise, leave the dates empty so the reader knows your giveaway is ongoing.

Upload Pin

Follow the exact same steps as above from 'Create Pin'.

The difference is 'upload a pin' gives you a blank pin for you to add all the details. Whereas, 'add pin' gives you the option to select an image from a web link and then you add the details.

Find out how to create a book promotion board.


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