How Book Giveaways Works

As well as a place for you to host your free books, Book Giveaways runs similar to a Pinterest board. Join and advertise your books! Use Book Giveaways as your own book promotional board.

All Your Book Giveaways And Promotions In One Place

We are a full book promotional board for you to set up all your book giveaways and promotions.

And best of all, when you promote your 'Pins' to your readers, your 'Pin' is automatically pushed up onto our home page, with most viewed at the top! Then OUR 40K readers will see your giveaways and promotions. Bonus: the most popular 'Pins' get promoted via email to our readers!

What more could you want?

On joining you will be able to create their own giveaway boards and promotional boards and pin your books to those boards. It takes seconds to set up a board. You can run your cross promotions and book bundles by simply 'pinning' the URL of your book or uploading an image.

Low Cost Book Hosting

Book Giveaways now gives you the chance to host your free books with us. Just click below for more information.

After signing up for your subscription, you will see two new buttons added to your 'My Account' page; 'Add a New Book' and 'Manage my Books'. 

How to add a Book

1 - Click on 'Add a New Book'

2 - Fill in the form on that page and upload your book files and images to our secure hosting server. (Note, book cover images must be larger than 625x1000 pixels.)

3 - Save, and you will be taken to your Book page and have your Book Giveaway URL!

How to Edit or Remove a Book

1 - Click on 'Manage my Books'

2 - Click on 'Edit' for the book you want to change.

3 - Make the edits you want to make, and then save.

4 - If you want to remove your book from public view, you can untick the 'published' box and save. You can toggle this on and off whenever you like.




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