Exclusive Book Giveaways

Many authors have been asking us where they can promote their giveaway. You can either do this via the various online sites, but most of those people just want free stuff. They may not be readers! 

So Book Hub is now offering authors the chance to advertise their exclusive giveaway to our readers. We have a 30k mailing list with six thousand who have specially asked to be notified about giveaways! This Exclusive Giveaway is focused on your books or reader related prize instead of multiple authors as we do in our Author Cross Promotions.

Who Should Do An Exclusive Book Giveaway

This is ideal for:

  1. Advanced reader copies (ARC) of your book for getting reviews up early as the book launches
  2. Authors with no mailing list or small lists who cannot join a cross promotion that limit numbers
  3. Authors who can't wait for a genre cross promotion and need to get a boost of readers to their books
  4. Book Launch giveaways to generate buzz for your book and get new subscribers
  5. Authors who want a more targeted promotion because our readers who enter will be interested in YOUR books!

Emma Calin advanced reader copy giveaway


Book or Prizes as Giveaways?

What should you giveaway?

  • Mostly free books are offered as eBooks (which you can do via BookFunnel or your emailing provider), but you can also offer print copies.
  • If you have a boxset, that is also an ideal giveaway. You can also offer a Kindle or other book related prize.
  • New authors who have only one book could buy a set of books in their genre and give these away. That works if you are trying to build a list of genre readers.
  • Some new authors just launching their first book may offer a Kindle and their book to bump up the prize value.
  • The choice is yours.


  • £30 for advertising with your giveaway link
  • £60 for us hosting your giveaway with an entry webform, advertising to our readers, collecting entries and sending you a spreadsheet of all entries after the giveaway closes. In other words, we do everything for you and give you the list of subscribed entries!

    Pay for your Exclusive Book Giveaway or Earn BGs instead.

Low Cost Book Hosting

Book Giveaways now gives you the chance to host your free books with us. Just click below for more information.

For Who: 
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