Create A Book Promotion Board

If you've seen that you can run your own book promotions on Book Giveaways, you'll be keen to get started on set up your own 'boards' to start running your book promotions.

After you have registered and logged into Book Giveaways, click the + Add red button on the menu.

You will see this ...

Click on 'Create A Board'

Create A Book Promotion Board

  1. Choose a name for your board
  2. Describe the board
  3. See exmaples of Paula's boards
  4. Decide who can add pins on your board. The options are: Me only (Leave field empty), My friends (Create friends list entering their user profile names). Find out how to earn BGs by inviting author friends.
  5. Who can view my board? The options are: All (Leave field empty), Me only (Enter your user profile name), Me and my friends (Create friends list entering their user profile names).
  6. If this is confusing at first, leave the options empty until you get a feel for using 'boards' because you can go back at any time and edit your boards.
  7. See the screen capture video below. If you have not used Pinterest before and don't know how to add a board, use that as your guide and you can pause the video while you set up your own.


Run Your Own Book Promotions

You can also set up and run your own promotions by simply 'pinning' books onto your cross promotion board.

When you login, click the red +Add button and you will see 'Add Promo'. See image below. Simply complete the details of your promo. It will then show in 'View All Promos' and any author can join your promotion. You will be able to see all the participating authors and 'manage' your promotions via 'My Promotions'. 

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