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Join and advertise your books! Use Book Giveaways as your own book promotional board. 

Best of all ... we advertise your 'Pins' to our readers! Every month we promote different categories. Just hover over 'Category' on the main menu to see all the things you can do for promoting your book ... for FREE!

Join now and advertise any of the ideas for Pins.

Free Membership

  • You get instant access to our readers
  • Book Giveaways sends out 'digests' (automated email notices) to readers who subscribe so every pin you add gets emailed to our readers every month.
  • When you promote your pins, they get pushed up onto our home page so your book offer or book giveaway is immediately placed in front of many more thousand readers.
  • Find out how to get your book onto our home page.

All you need to do to get started is to register an account HERE.

Earn BGs

You can earn BGs instead of spending money on these extra promotional activities.

Optional Extra Memberhip Pricing Options



BG Credits

Book Hosting Membership

£5 Use Book Giveaways to host your free books for ALL your book promotions, from ARCs, Review Copies, Book Bundle Competitions, List Building Giveaways and much more. N/A

Home Page Double Exposure and Top Priority

£35 Have your 'Pin' double its size + have it featured at the top of our home page. OR invite 35 friends

Home Page Top Priority

 £25 Get your 'Pin' stuck at the top of our home page for any chosen month. Cost £25 per month OR invite 25 friends

Home Page Double Exposure

£20 Have your 'Pin' double its size and have it featured somewhere on our home page for £20 per month OR invite 20 friends

Home Page Banner Advert


Home page banner ads cost £10 per month

OR invite 10 friends

Pin Page Banner Advert


Your banner advert appears on every pin page in your category, not just your pins but every book pin page. Cost £15 per month

OR invite 15 friends

Top Of Page Pins


Top Priority ~ your pins stay on the top of category and genre lists for a fiver, £5 GBP per month

OR invite 5 friends

If you have read all of the above and believe you want to be a part of this exciting new readers site, please sign up now and start promoting! Just hit the + ADD button to start your list building journey ...

Book Hosting Membership

Book Giveaways now offers you the opportunity to host your books on our secure servers to create landing pages to use with your Book Giveaways with us and everywhere else. Once you become a paid member, you will see new options in your 'My Account' page. Click the 'Add a New Book' button to start using this new service.

Our launch price for this new hosting BG Monthly Membership is only £5 per month to advertise ALL your book promotions.

Please note: You are required to set up a recurring payment of £5 to join and start using Book Giveaways as your book promotional board. If you stop the payment, your account will be on go on hold and not be accessible or visible until you renew your payment.

You will be able to cancel the auto-renewal option by visiting the web page link that will be included in your receipt.

Yearly Book Hosting Membership

Pay £50 GBP per year, saving you £10. 

Payment Terms

  1. You can pay for your membership by PayPal.
  2. Once you've paid, your membership will run for 52 weeks/12 months.
  3. Your payment is a monthly recurring payment of £5. If you stop the payment, your account will go onto hold and be inaccessible. You cannot use Book Giveaways while your account is on hold.
  4. Or you can choose to make one yearly payment of £50. Watch out for bonuses offered to Yearly Members.
  5. Simply click 'register' to pay and start adding your books.
  6. If you're already a member and want to boost your membership, look at these Membership Boosters.


1. After you have made your membership booking and paid, please take note of the details in the '?' icon on your +Add Dashboard.

This link will take you to our contributions page to sign up for the Book Hosting Membership.

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