Book Giveaways Benefits To Authors

Book Giveaways is a viral-sharing book-loving website.

Book Giveaways helps readers find new books in their favourite genres and share them with other book lovers!

Benefits To Authors

  1. Run cross promotions via their boards. See how to run cross promotions on Book Giveaways. ADD LINK
  2. Book Giveaways sends out 'digests' (automated email notices) to readers who sign up for to hear about your book giveaways.
  3. Authors who invite lots of author friends to the site will get 'credited' for this and they can use the credits as payment for upgraded promotional activity.

One huge benefit to joining Book Giveaways
    A) Tell your readers about your pins. This can be done on a regular basis and can be as simple as saying in your newsletter: Check my board at XYZ link. Or See my new pins at XYZ link. Do the same via social media. This can be at any time (ideally weekly or monthly) in social sharing on all or any social sites.
  B) Invite author friends to the site. This is done via software on Book Giveaways and authors will be credited for these invites when the invited author friend joins. BG credits can be used to get more promotional activities. See pricing.

Obviously, as it looks like Pinterest, visual is best!

For Who: 
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