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Paula Wynne (pronounced ~ win ~ as in 'win a prize') is a publicist, marketer and award-winning online entrepreneur. She runs several online businesses and is co-founder of the reading portal for book lovers, Book Hub Online. Join Paula's VIP mailing list to receive the latest news about upcoming releases and special offers just for subscribers! If you're an author, find out about Paula's Writers' Resource Series and Book Marketing for Authors. You may also want to check out Paula's book marketing portal, Book Hub Online, which offers lots of services to authors who need help marketing their book.

Fiction Freebies

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Download these Fiction Freebie books during September and early October. Please share and tell your friends about this Amazon Freebie promotion.

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Sweeping Historical Free Novel

A sweeping historical novel of orchids, obsession and murder, set in the turbulent 17th century. 'brilliant book' Karen Maitland

1320 views 0 Likes
Free Regency Romance

Bridgette Hampton wanted only one thing from marriage... true love. What she gets is a Baron and a Brutally Honest Proposal.

2048 views 0 Likes
Download This Sci-Fi Review Copy

In a race against time, can 1.Nemo find enlightenment, throw off the chains of oppression and find salvation before her life-support systems fail?

1055 views 0 Likes
In For A Penny

Desperate to keep her troubles a secret and the family estate from falling down while she pays her debt to society, Lil entrusts Summer Haven’s care to her best friend, Maggie, who recruits two mor

1390 views 0 Likes

A severed hand in a Spanish orange grove. A priceless stolen painting. Three murders. Two detectives on the trail.

1431 views 0 Likes
Lake of Sins: Escape, Free Novel by Linda O Dea

Lake of Sins: Escape, Free Novel by Linda O Dea

1148 views 0 Likes
Young Adult Free Book

Life is uncomplicated and carefree until Tara falls for one of her best-friends. The wrong one.

1142 views 0 Likes
A Whiff of Murder Free Novel

When the baker's beautiful wife goes missing, he turns to Haydn for help.

978 views 0 Likes

Book Hub is giving away an exclusive Young Adult Romance where you can claim two books. Get New Kid in Town & The Show Must Go On with this Exclusive Book Giveaway

1920 views 1 Likes 0 comments
Pimp My Fiction: Write A Bestselling Novel By Learning Powerful Writing Techniques eBook: Paula Wynne, Rayne Hall: Kindle Store

This free writing guide covers all aspects of writing, from creating characters to setting scenes and evocative picture writing.

1152 views 0 Likes

Free Young Adult Fantasy Review Copy ~ Seer of Souls.

1902 views 2 Likes 0 comments
Kerrie Noor's Free Romantic Comedy Review Copy

If you like romantic comedy with a twist,then maybe you have found the next book for you to enjoy.

1085 views 0 Likes

The Grotto's Secret is a historically rich conspiracy thriller set in modern day London with a medieval time lapse twist in Spain.

1147 views 0 Likes
Sheryl's Last Stand: A bitter sweet comedy free novel
1009 views 0 Likes

Free Mail Order Bride Romance

Free Mail Order Bride Romance when you join Charlotte Darcy's exclusive newsletter

1402 views 0 Likes
Progeny Sci-Fi Free Novel

They forget how they were created, then their past became their future.

1114 views 0 Likes

Action and adventure and romance in Africa. Who can Sandra trust to help protect the wildlife and her step-children?

1172 views 0 Likes

Demented Fairytales Novel by Kate Findley

1313 views 0 Likes
War Monger Free Novel

Sometimes humans self destruct. Sometimes they need the help of the Warmonger.

1169 views 0 Likes
Heartfelt, compelling small town romance

“Heartfelt, compelling small town romance at its best!” ~ Cora Seton, bestselling author of the Chance Creek series

1119 views 0 Likes
Downed Over Germany Free Historical Novel

Downed Over Germany Free Historical Novel

1109 views 0 Likes
Isaac Newton Suspense Thriller

Why has an evil crime lord masterminded robberies targeting objects once belonging to Isaac Newton?

926 views 0 Likes 1 repin
Black-Eyed Children Horror Novel

Be careful when you open the door. Let the Black-Eyed Children in and death will follow.

1425 views 0 Likes

Get your FREE copy of The Kingdom

1070 views 1 Likes 0 comments
Sensitive Time Free Thriller

Sensitive Time Free Thriller

1473 views 0 Likes
Good Investigations Free Novel

She’s blonde. She’s clever. She’s in his office. South London’s hottest new PI, David Good, doesn’t stand a chance.

840 views 0 Likes

They are the Tannenbaum Tailors: elves charged with maintaining Christmas trees in homes around the world. Without the Tailors’ efforts, families might lose their Christmas spirit.

980 views 0 Likes
3-Book Sampler by Adam Dreece

Amazing 3-Book Sampler by Adam Dreece (Steampunk, Fairy Tale, SciFi, Fantasy!)

1045 views 0 Likes

Immortality comes with a hefty price tag: her sanity! Reserve Your Urban Fantasy Review Copy

2123 views 1 Likes 1 repin 0 comments
Historical Mystery Thriller

The Grotto's Secret ... breathtaking suspense, couldn't put it down.

1233 views 0 Likes
Getaway Romance Free Book

“Heartfelt, compelling small town romance at its best!” ~ Cora Seton, bestselling author of the Chance Creek series

1117 views 0 Likes
If the Bed Falls In Free Book

If the Bed Falls In Free Book by Paul Casselle.

977 views 0 Likes

What drives a reasonable man to commit murder? Grab this free copy in exchange for a short review.

1761 views 1 Likes 0 comments
Stealing Time Time Travel Free Novel

Stealing Time is a "Breathtakingly original" time travel adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

1083 views 0 Likes

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Erotic Romance

Alone in life, but torn between two men. The first part of a a BDSM Erotic Romance

938 views 0 Likes
Historical Romance Free Book from Melissa Addey

Historical Romance Free Book from Melissa Addey

988 views 0 Likes
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