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Everything goes from ghosts to angels to werecreatures.

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Tapper: A Novel by Scott A. Combs

TAPPER—a projecting empath—is the product of a corrupted government.

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The Beast of Tsunam by Scott A. Combs

Rev Smalley, Galactic P.I., a disgruntled retired EIA—Earth Intelligence Agency—agent is down on his luck without clients, money, or a current lover.

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Murder on Euripides by Scott A. Combs

Sir Giles Thackery—renowned Terran detective—is defrosted from cyro-sleep to tackle one of his toughest cases to date.

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Past Encounters: a novel of WWII eBook: Davina Blake: Amazon: Kindle Store

Past Encounters: a novel of WWII eBook: Davina Blake
'a compelling story about love and heartache and forgiveness and war' Library Educated Blog

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The Gilded Lily eBook: Deborah Swift:

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